Life is in colour. Don’t let your prints lose out.



SITEXCO, the cleaning results for anilox rolls that will make your prints shine.

Life is in colour: colour attracts us and connects us to our memories. This is something marketing and graphic design professionals are well aware of and which they have been working with for decades. And companies pay a lot of money to present the most captivating, most suggestive, most evocative, sharpest, and well-crafted images.

EIn a world more competitive than ever, one more saturated with images and colours, with more information and more immediacy, with more competition and more rivalry, with shorter shelf-lives and a multitude of inputs, with more demand than ever.... they must be more accurate, more attentive, more differentiating, more valuable ... more demanding than ever.

Vivid and meticulous prints are powerful and attractive. Sitexco laser washers ensure that all the design work arrives in a perfect state. This is because they incorporate all the advances and innovations: leading-edge technologies in low power lasers, the latest innovations in programming, new lines with a more compact design, for reliability of results, etc.

Our work comes alive in the printing results: cleaner, more colourful, sharper, with the assurance and tranquillity of producing continuous and reliable prints. With the peace of mind of not harming the environment, with effortless and safe working for the operators. In this way, each print will shine as if it were new, always, print after print.

Clean Anilox rolls allow you to take full advantage of the capacity of the cells and to provide good prints, regardless of the printer used.

Quality + technology + innovation + safety + respect = sitexco